Reverend Pastor Odany Augustin

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Reverend Pastor Odany Augustin, Th.M., is the President of the Board and Senior Pastor at Bethesda Christian Center. Pastor Odany was ordained on December the 3rd, 1995. He received his Associate degree in Christian Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in July of 1995, and his Bachelor’s degree in Religious Arts and Christian Education from S.L.C. International Seminary in March of 2004. Most recently he obtained his Master’s degree in Theology from Andersonville Theological Seminary in October of 2007. Since the church’s inception in April of 1995, Pastor Augustin has strived to lead the congregation while preaching the complete, unaltered gospel of Jesus Christ. In his role as pastor, Pastor Augustin has served as the administrator of the board, and has worked to lead and guide the congregation in a Christ-like manner. His objective is always to preach the gospel in words and actions in order to win more souls to Christ. He is married to his wife, Sister Marie Jose, and has three children.

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