Our Mission

Our Mission

As of mid 2008 Bethesda Christian Center has fully moved into their new facilities. However, as with any project of this multitude, building funds are needed.

For example, currently Bethesda is still conducting fund-raisers in order to fully renovate the property. Construction plans have been underway for some time, but as with most projects money is an absolute necessity.

Any help that could be given would not only benefit the church, but also the community as a whole. Please help us in our endeavor to make our society better by donating your time and or money to our cause.

Mission Statement

We at Bethesda Christian Center strive to preach the one and only true gospel of Jesus Christ. Nowadays, it is extremely rare to find a place where the true gospel is being preached as more and more people attempt to remove God from America. However, we believe that our fore fathers gave our country the best foundation a country could have: a foundation based in Christianity.

Here at Bethesda Christian Center we believe in the holy trinity, we believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God, we believe that God became man in the form of Jesus Christ in order to take away our sins, and we also believe that salvation can only come through him. Bethesda Christian Center exists in order to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone regardless of race, religion, or creed so that more people will come to accept him as their own personal Savior. In that sense the kingdom of God will grow more and more each day.

What We Do

We at Bethesda Christian Center believe that as Christians it is our job to preach the Good News to those around us. Therefore, we have made it our life-long ministry to:

  • preach the gospel in actions and in words,
  • win more souls for Christ,
  • use our time and resources to further the spreading of his kingdom.