About Us

Bethesda Christian Center (B.C.C.) was founded on April 2, 1995. Seeing that B.C.C. consisted of a small group, about 22 members, they met regularly at the house of one of their congregation members, Sis. Claudette Colinet. More than a year later they formed a committee consisting of nine members: Pastor Odany Augustin, his wife Sis. Marie J. Augustin, Deacon Ernst Safaite, Deacon Albert Jn. Louis, Bro. Frank Colas, Bro. Paul Duval, Sis. Vonie Florvilus, Sis. Juthee Toussaint, and Bro. Alain Safaite.

Although B.C.C. didn’t have many members, it grew rapidly, and by 1996 they had outgrown the house where they had been meeting. Not surprisingly, God already had a plan and Pastor Rufus Williams and his church welcomed B.C.C. into their temple. Two years later, because of unforeseen circumstances, the church had to move yet again. While most people would have been discouraged, as Christians we know that God always has a plan for His people. In 1998, Pastor and Mrs. Lonnie Lundy agreed to let B.C.C. use their temple. They would remain there for more than nine years. Later on, in January of 2001, Bethesda became incorporated.

During this time many people believed that B.C.C. would never have their own temple, but as one person used to say “God’s never in a hurry, but he’s never late”. Finally, on April 16, 2008, God answered their prayer, and they were blessed with a temple now located in Pompano Beach, Florida. Currently, B.C.C. has more than 200 members and it continues to grow each day. It just goes to show you that those who wait upon the Lord will not be disappointed.